As a genderqueer individual, I strongly believe that we need more LGBTQ representation in literature. I’ve spent the last three years writing a lot of gay fan fiction stories in a variety of fandoms–from the video game Dragon Age to the TV series Supernatural, Teen Wolf and Merlin.

I had many reasons to write fan fiction. It was a great way for me to improve my writing, while also writing gay storylines that weren’t being included in the fandoms I enjoyed. Many of these fandoms like to tease the possibilities, but then never follow through on it (known as queerbaiting). That’s where fan fiction comes in and helps to imagine those storylines in different ways, and to bring together characters in loving (and yes, sometimes abusive) relationships.

Now that I have gained confidence in my writing, I am branching out and starting to write my own original stories. I am working on my first original gay erotic romance that I’ve titled Coffee-to-Go. I’m hoping to write a sweet love story that begins with a near tragedy. I hope I bring something to my story that appeals to everyone who reads it and I do hope that it may appeal to readers outside of the LGBTQ community. I just want everyone to see how beautiful and natural love between two men can be.