Romance is arguably one of the most popular genres in literature. So, why would an author limit themselves to only writing gay romance? The obvious answer is the fact that I happen to be a genderqueer author. However, the reason why I write gay romance goes deeper than that.


First of all, I feel that there needs to be more representation of LGBTQ+ characters across all genres of literature. True representation, not just the fantasies of straight, cisgendered female authors. I have nothing against straight, cisgender women writing gay romances, as long as they do their research, and don’t just write what titillates them. I also will not accuse anyone of fetishizing. There is a fine line between an appreciation and a fetish. Only the person writing truly knows their motivation behind what they write.

I’ve read of estimates of up to 70% of gay romance stories are written by women, many who are straight and cisgender. As a genderqueer person, one who strongly leans towards male identification and is only attracted to men, I hope I can bring a different perspective to the stories I write.

That being said, I have no current plans to include transgender characters. Yet. I am still on my own personal journey in that regard and I need to see it to completion before I will feel comfortable representing that community.