Now that Coffee-to-Go is published, my thoughts turn to my next project. I already have a premise for my next novel, which will be very different in tone and theme from Coffee-to-Go.

The working title for my next novel is currently Soul Surprise. The story will be based in a world where everyone is born with a soulmark on the back of their left hand. One other person is born with the same, matching mark. If the two meet and touch, usually through an embrace, a profound bond is formed between them.

Scott is in his early 30s, and has never met his soulmate. He’s given up even trying. Instead he just goes to one club or party after another, looking to get laid with another pretty lady. He’s shocked when his soulmark reacts when he’s at yet another party. He searches the party, only to be taken aback when he finds out his soulmate is a man.

Scott had been in denial about his bisexuality for his entire life, pushing back any interest in other men to the dark recesses of his mind. Finding out his soulmate is a man makes him flee, instead of run into his mate’s arms.

Ross can tell he’s got his work cut out for him, now that he’s finally found his skittish soulmate.