I’ll admit, I’m terrible at blogging these days. However, I feel like I have a some good excuses for not posting anything for nearly five months. This post is my way to apologize for the long delay and also give an update on what’s been happening in my life as explanation.

Firstly, I’ve been working hard on my next novel, Mark My Soul. It’s now complete and I will be making an official announcement within the next couple of days. I had hoped to publish it back in March or April, but life had other plans.

Secondly, I began having some health issues, and I’ve had three surgeries this year. Thankfully, I’m now on the mend, although I may still require one more surgery before all is said and done. However, as you can imagine, recovering from that would make it difficult to keep up with everything else in my life. Some things just had to take a backseat, and blogging was one of them.

I would like to keep a more routine blogging schedule, but at the same time, I only want to blog things that are meaningful and not just write something for the sake of writing. I am far more prolific with my fiction writing than I am with blogging because I can’t always think of something worthwhile to write. So, I won’t promise to blog more often, but I do hope my future posts will be mostly useful to people in the writing community (with the occasional plug regarding my novels, naturally).