As I write this, my fiftieth birthday is fast approaching. In two short weeks, I will have reached the milestone of having lived for a half-century. It’s odd how it feels simultaneously long and far too short.

My life’s been an interesting journey so far, and I hope I get to be around to see the next fifty years. I’ve watched as computers went from large mainframes to devices that fit inside the palm of my hand, merging with the camera, television, and a half-dozen other devices along the way.

My life and career have evolved in directions I would not have predicted, but I can’t say I’d go back and change any of the twists, turns, and occasional u-turns my life has taken. I’ve landed in a place I’m quite comfortable in and I like who I am.

I’ve been a teacher, web developer, corporate trainer, tech writer, web analytics consultant, and now a writer of queer erotic fiction. Over the course of my life, I’ve gone from identifying as a boy, to a tomboy, to a transgender man. Still, through it all, I’ve always been me. I’ve always refused to conform to what my peers or society expected.

As I look forward, I plan to keep writing and publishing, regardless of the level of success I may achieve. Writing is a passion that I will continue, even if I’m the only person who ever reads my stories. Making a living from my writing would be a wonderful icing on the cake, but I enjoy the cake as much without it.

To either end, I’m releasing a collection of my erotic short stories on my birthday, titled Sweet & Dark, which is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Help me celebrate by pre-ordering a copy for only 99-cents.