After publishing for several years, I’ve commissioned a few beautiful pieces of art for the covers of my novels. In collaboration with the artist J. Pearson, I’ve launched an official merchandise store featuring these works of art.

There will be a variety of offerings, from apparel, drinkware, homeware, and accessories available. If you see a design that you like that isn’t offered in an item you would prefer, please leave a comment on this blog post, or contact me directly. If it’s something I’m able to add, I’ll happily do so.

Here are some selections available in the new store.

If you are reading this within the first week of the blog post (before January 16, 2022), then you can take 20% off any purchase with the discount code LAUNCH20. In the future, keep an eye out for more sales and promotions.

As most writers and artists don’t earn a living wage from their craft, we often need to pursue other streams of income. By purchasing from this store, you will be directly supporting both myself and J. Pearson, allowing us to continue to be able to create more beautiful and entertaining works.

Thank you.