While I am still busy with edits and revisions to this novel, I’ve already worked with an artist to bring one pivotal scene of the novel to life for the cover. If you’ve followed me on my long journey with this novel, you may have seen an earlier art rendition that I had done by another artist, J. Pearson, who also did the cover art of three of my other books, “Coffee-to-Go,” “Mark my Soul,” and “Sweet & Dark.” Sadly, they couldn’t finish the final changes to the piece, although I still love the artwork, even in its incomplete form.

Artwork by J. Pearson

However, I am thrilled with the artist I’ve commissioned for the new version of the cover art, which takes this concept into a new and beautiful direction. Scott Richard uses a photorealistic style and did a beautiful job bringing this particular scene from the novel to life.

Artwork by Scott Richard

Enjoy this snippet from “Artifact of the Dawn,” which describes the scene in the artwork.

Jevan and Ardyn moved on, excited to see what else they could discover. In the late afternoon, as they crested over a small rise, they saw something that made them stop in their tracks. In the valley below stood a tall tower, all metal and glass, gleaming in the sunlight. Even the ground around the tower shone with a glint of metal. It rose into the sky taller than any tree. If it hadn’t been in a deep valley, they would have easily seen the tower rising above the surrounding treetops.

“What is that?” Ardyn asked with wonder. “How could anyone build a structure so tall?”

“I don’t know,” Jevan replied as he stared at it in amazement. “I’ve heard tales of taller buildings in Virjor where my ancestors came from, but I doubt even those could have towered that high. That looks incredible!”