For everyone excited to read my upcoming sci-fi novel, “Artifact of the Dawn,” for a small donation, I will begin releasing snippets on my Ko-Fi page starting on Monday, July 11. I hve already posted one free snippet to whet everyone’s appetite!

What is “Artifact of the Dawn?”

The story of “Artifact of the Dawn” came to me when I was pondering a question. Often in fantasy stories, like the Shannara series by Terry Brooks, many of the races are offshoots of humans in one way or another (not always, but they certainly are in that series). All except for the elves. The elves are always a different species entirely.

That got me to thinking, what if the elves had been more advanced in the past, and they had crash landed on a world with humans and their offshoots? What if they became stranded, regressed, and forgot where they came from? What would happen when they discover the truth centuries or millennia later? That is the premise I began with when I started writing “Artifact of the Dawn.”

Ardyn and Jevan

The story follows the adventures of a gay elf named Ardyn and a pansexual human named Jevan, and what happens when Ardyn stumbles across a mysterious artifact. The artifact is far too advanced for what his people could produce, but it has ancient elven script on it. As Ardyn and Jevan seek the truth behind this artifact, they unravel centuries of lies, and change the course of history on their world.

How “Artifact of the Dawn” will be released

Once I’ve completed the final edits on the novel, I will release it in serialized form through both Kindle Vella and my Ko-Fi page, so stay tuned! I will release two chapters each week. On Kindle Vella, it will require readers to purchase tokens to unlock and read each episode. For now, Kindle Vella is only available to readers in the US, which is why I am also releasing the chapters through Ko-Fi for a monthly subscription that will be equivalent to the cost of the tokens on Vella, around $1.25/month.

After “Artifact of the Dawn” has been released on these two platforms, I will publish it as a novel and make it available in ebook, paperback, or hardcover formats. “Artifact of the Dawn” will be the first novel in the “Cycles of Revelation” series, and the second book, “The Medellan Conspiracy,” will follow shortly after. This series currently has five novels planned.

Until I am ready to release chapters, hop on over to Ko-Fi and enjoy the weekly snippets I’ll be dropping. To access the snippets, I ask for a single, small donation, no subscription required.