Earlier this year I opted to merge all my queer fiction under my Grayson Bell persona (for anyone who didn’t know this was my pen name… surprise!). When I started out as an author, the first book I published was a children’s book. Because of this, I wanted to use a different pen name to publish my queer romance and erotica stories. I also thought I should keep my science fiction novel separate because there will be no explicit scenes in the novel. So, originally Grayson Bell was my sexy writing persona, and G. L. Balend was for everything else.

However, since I began reworking my science fiction novel, I realized there was no reason for this separation. While it does not contain any explicit sexual scenes, there is an underlying queer romance subplot, which would still appeal to the readers of my Grayson Bell persona. So, I made the move to start hyping Artifact of the Dawn as Grayson Bell.

After making that change, the only thing I was writing as G. L. Balend were queer non-fiction articles on Medium. So, still queer related content, but not related to romance or erotica. However, since I have already expanded Grayson Bell beyond romance and erotica, I feel it’s not a stretch to rebrand my queer non-fiction writing either.

So, I’ve rebranded my Medium account for Grayson Bell as I expand the scope of what I produce under this name.

What is Medium?

If you’re unfamiliar with Medium, it’s a writing platform open to all writers. Anyone can write and post articles or stories there. Both fiction and non-fiction are welcome there, although it skews heavily toward non-fiction.

There are also many professional publications that use the Medium platform, and I submit most of my non-fiction pieces to one of those. Doing so expands my reach and adds a level of professionalism that merely posting to my account would not. If I wasn’t submitting to publications, then my account on Medium would merely be a glorified blog.

Medium is an ad-free platform, instead opting for a subscription-based model. They share their subscription revenue with the writers of the platform. Any paid member who reads my articles will contribute to my earnings. In addition, if anyone joins through my personal referral link, I am paid a 50% share of their monthly subscription fee ($5/month or $50/year).

They allow non-members to read up to three articles free per month, so for anyone who cannot afford a subscription, you can still access some of my content on Medium. Also, I plan to provide links to some articles on my Ko-Fi for anyone who gives a onetime donation ($1) or becomes a monthly member ($1.25/month).

Thank You

To all my readers who have supported me, either by buying one of my books, leaving a review, or following me on social media, thank you. All the support I’ve gotten since I started this venture has meant a lot to me. I hope I can entertain or educate you for many years to come.