Well, 2022 was quite a writing year for me. 

I published my fifth novel, “Suddenly, Omega” on Valentine’s Day, which has been one of my most successful novels so far.

Then I finally got back on track with completing the rewrites and edits for “Artifact of the Dawn,” which I began posting on Kindle Vella and Ko-Fi in October. 

For NaNoWriMo this year I began the rewrite for the sequel to “Artifact of the Dawn,” which is titled “The Medellan Conspiracy.” That story is scheduled to post sometime next summer, after “Artifact of the Dawn” has completed.

My plans for 2023 are pretty straight forward. “Artifact of the Dawn” should publish as a novel sometime in September, while “The Medellan Conspiracy” will run on Kindle Vella and Ko-Fi into 2024. 

In the meantime, I’ll also be posting the occasional fanfiction story on Archive of Our Own. Those stories are always free to read, if you would like to sample my writing before signing up to read my original works. 

I hope everyone continues to enjoy my writing, and I wish you all a safe and happy new year!