Grayson Bell began writing fiction in 2015 when he felt inspired to write a fanfiction piece based on a fantasy video game called Dragon Age. Since then he has written dozens of fanfiction works in the fantasy and science fiction genres, usually centered around gay and bisexual couples. Through writing these stories, Grayson found a passion in exploring the love and intimacy that can develop between two men.

Encouraged by the success of his fanfiction stories, Grayson wrote and published his first original gay romance novel, Coffee-to-Go in 2018. He followed that novel with his first gay erotic romance, Mark my Soul, the following year.

Holding a Master of Science in Technical Communication, Grayson has spent over twenty years writing blogs, along with technical and training manuals before he began writing fiction. Besides writing and reading, he also loves to cook, play video games, and has discovered that he has a green thumb.