Grayson Bell



I’m always working on a new story. After launching a novel, I immediately begin thinking about the next one. Sometimes I’ll take a break and write a fanfiction story or two, but within a month or so of publishing I’m usually ready to dive into my next novel.

Regardless, I’m always working on a story, often more than one at a time, between my novels and fanfiction pieces. I always have so many story ideas, which keeps me busy.

As of the last time I updated this page, I’m working on the following:

  • Enslave My Heart (Novel). Set in a world where criminals serve their sentences through slavery, Matthew is a petty thief, serving a 3 year sentence as a sex slave. Now, if only his master, Alex, would stop being so nice, maybe he could make it through without developing any feelings for the man. Maybe.
  • Slavery Free Me (Fanfic/Dragon Age). Set in an alternate universe, Anders faces slavery as punishment for blowing up the Chantry. Fenris relishes the chance to put the mage in his place once-and-for all.
  • Orphan Train (Fanfic/Supernatural). Set in the late 1800s, Dean Winchester finds himself on the orphan train, heading West. When he arrives in San Francisco, a physician and confirmed bachelor, Dr. Castiel Novak takes him in.

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