Grayson Bell


Mark My Soul

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Scott was born into a world where everyone has a soulmate, but he was never eager to find his. However, he still attends soulmate parties out of societal obligation, and he uses them for the opportunity to hook-up with pretty ladies. When his soulmark unexpectedly reacts, Scott reluctantly goes searching. Scott finds a tall, handsome man with a matching soulmark, and flees in a panic. The possibility of a male soulmate never occurred to him, because same-sex soulmates were so rare.

Ross is ready to settle down and begins frequenting more parties outside of his social circle in search of his soulmate. When he finds Scott, he’s surprised when his soulmate runs from him. When he finds Scott again, Ross is immediately smitten with the handsome writer. However, when Scott tries to flee again, Ross realizes his soulmate is going to be a handful. A handful that will need to be taken in hand.

Will Ross be able to tame his skittish soulmate before Scott tries to disappear forever?

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