Grayson Bell


Sweet & Dark

A Collection of Gay Erotic Short Stories

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A collection of fifteen gay erotic short stories that range from romantic first-time love to darker tales of pure, non-consensual lust. This collection explores a variety of themes, including omegaverse and BDSM.

I wrote this collection of stories to reflect some of the many fantasies that keep popping up in my demented little brain. They range from sweet stories of erotic love to darker tales of pure, non-consensual lust. While not every story in this collection will appeal to everyone, I hope at least one will tickle your fancy.

Some delve into tropes that are only recently being seen on the fringes of mainstream. One of my favorites that you will see in several of these stories is the omegaverse trope. Omegaverse originated in fanfiction, and takes concepts from paranormal shifter stories, imbuing humans with similar animal characteristics, such as the ability to knot, without the need to shift into an animal form.

Several of these stories also include elements of BDSM. The darker stories near the end may also feel like BDSM stories, but because they lack consent, they clearly are not. I want to make that clear—BDSM should always be practiced in a safe, sane, and consensual manner. If those elements don’t exist, then it’s not BDSM.

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