Grayson Bell



Cory lands an interview with the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at his dream company, Worthingham Enterprises. The salacious proposal from Steve Worthingham takes Cory by surprise, but the offer is too good to turn down. Soon, bending over for the handsome and charming VP becomes a favorite part of Cory’s day.

However, Steve’s father is notoriously conservative, and Cory worries that his career may end before it can begin. If the man finds out that Cory is transgender and engaging in carnal sin with his son, he could find himself blacklisted. Steve tries to reassure Cory, but when they must attend an event with the man, Steve’s reassurances are put to the test. Especially when Steve needs Cory to out himself to the CEO of a rival business.

Will Cory risk his heart to further his career?

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