I’m always working on a new story. After launching a novel, I immediately begin thinking about the next one. Sometimes I’ll take a break and write a fanfiction story or two, but within a month or so of publishing I’m usually ready to dive into my next novel.

Regardless, I’m always working on a story, often more than one at a time, between my novels and fanfiction pieces. I always have so many story ideas, which keeps me busy.

As of the last time I updated this page, I’m working on:

  • Sweet and Dark: A Collection of Gay Erotic Short Stories (Original for Amazon Kindle). This collection of short stories ranges from sweet, romantic stories of love to the darkest depths of non-consensual coupling, and quite a few in-between.
  • Suddenly, Omega (Original for Kindle Vella). A sheltered omega has been on suppressants since he was a kid and told he was a beta. After his parents die in a tragic car crash, he’s no longer being dosed, so he goes into heat. Not understanding what’s wrong, he goes to the ER. To save the omega’s life, the alpha doctor on call must help him through his first real heat. Afterward, they deal with the consequences.
  • Enslave My Heart (Fanfic/Supernatural). Set in a world where criminals serve their sentences through slavery, Dean Winchester is a petty thief, serving a 5-year sentence as a sex slave. Now, if only his master, Castiel Novak, would stop being so nice. Maybe he could make it through without developing feelings for the man. Maybe.
  • Slavery Free Me (Fanfic/Dragon Age). Set in an alternate universe, Anders faces slavery as punishment for blowing up the Chantry. Fenris relishes the chance to put the mage in his place once-and-for all.
  • Orphan Train (Fanfic/Supernatural). Set in the late 1800s, Dean Winchester finds himself on the orphan train, heading West. When he arrives in San Francisco, a physician and confirmed bachelor, Dr. Castiel Novak takes him in.

For more frequent updates on my current works, come chat with me on Discord.