The Medellan Conspiracy is coming soon

The next thrilling installment of The Cycles of Revelation series will launch in late 2024. Stay tuned for an update!

Jevan and Ardyn journey from Vestos to Ateria, where they uncover a web of deceit and corruption among the Medellan political elite. As they delve deeper, they unravel a sinister conspiracy hidden for centuries.

The xenophobic Society of Sevens will stop at nothing to keep the truth hidden, even if it means sacrificing their own people. With their planet’s fate hanging in the balance, Jevan and Ardyn must risk their lives to expose the secrets and prevent catastrophe.

While you’re waiting to find out what happens, catch up on the series and learn more about Ardyn and Jevan in the exciting sci-fi adventure, Artifact of the Dawn.

Coming Soon to Select Bookstores
The Medellan Conspiracy (Front Cover - RGB - 150dpi)

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Writing has been a part of Grayson’s life in one form or another since childhood. Everything from academic and technical writing to blogging, and even writing fanfiction. These days he splits his time between writing queer fiction stories and writing articles about LGBTQ issues.

As an autistic, gay, transgender man, Grayson adds his personal experience to his writing, because it colors how he sees the world and because it brings much-needed representation to the genres he enjoys exploring.

Sharing his home in Colorado with his dogs, Grayson also enjoys whipping up something creative in the kitchen or escaping into the world of video games.

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